Tachartas / Event: High LAND/FEARANN, Abriachan Forest, Architecture Fringe 2018

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High LAND/FEARANN was one of 70 events that took place across Scotland this June as part of the citizen response Architecture Fringe.  

This event explored creative activism in the context of current land debates in the Scottish Highlands. One of the big reasons for holding this event was to celebrate 20 years of the Abriachan Forest Trust, which took land into community ownership in 1998. Abriachan was one of the first forestry buy-outs, paving the way for those that followed. Through workshops and creative conversations, we explored the radical roots of land reform in the Highlands and opened new routes through creative cultural activism, recognising the vital importance of local culture. 

A generation later, what can we learn from the story of this place? How do we actually make change? What can we learn from community land?

The event was co-produced by ethnologist Mairi McFadyen, researcher and futures designer Zoë Prosser and local activist Raghnaid Sandilands. We were joined by Sam Hesling of the Abriachan Forest Trust, and by Hamish Napier, Hamish MacDonald and Griogair Labhruidh for a ceilidh in the forest classroom.

All speakers, performers, photographers and helpers gave their time freely.
Huge thanks to everyone involved, and to Abriachan Forest Classroom for hosting the event.