The seeds for this project were planted during conversations in at the High LAND/FEARANN event, part of the Architecture Fringe in June 2018. This was held in community-owned Abriachan Forest.

This is a web platform engaging creatively with contemporary land debates in the Scottish Highlands. It is a space to share knowledge, projects, resources, blogs, essays, projects and ideas. 

We believe that the Land Question cannot be seen in isolation, but as part of a wider cultural process. Consciousness raising, knowledge sharing, creativity and collaboration are as vital to the wider land movement as official state legislation. 

What kind of activism is needed for the 21st century? What stories do we need to challenge, what stories do we need to tell? How do we connect and support each other and work towards the future? What knowledge, tools, information and skills do we need to participate creatively in the wider movement? How do we light the touch papers for generations to come?

All politics on its own can do is react or cope with the current situation. The artist articulates, expresses and thinks confidently about who we are and who we could be. 

At the grassroots, we need active citizens. We need agents of change. All of us enlarge possibility by understanding our role as culture-makers.

We must Dig Where We Stand and re-claim the stories of our places, and look forward to the future.